At This Time of Day Titles Mean Nothing

It’s late.

I’m tired.

I’m so STOKED with some new pix from this eve and this past weekend. The lunar eclipse was stunning… until the CLOUDS came! I should have bought cloud insurance! Emma and mama had a silent chat about the “size of things” while the clouds invaded the silent and dark park. Ahh… playing with the shutter speed is fun. = D Yea Canon S45! Yippy!

Boston was sweet… and Boston is ROCKING hard core at the moment since the Sox just won the World Series. Hot DIGGITY the celebration must be a blast.

Hmm… So much to write and so many people to contact. All of this and more! Insert big ol’sigh here. None of this is going to happen due to the extremely low level of brain energy. Possibly before the next day starts I’ll have a chance to upload some pix and write some REALLY JUICEY stuff. Or I’ll just put my nose into a techy book or some comic books. Oh they call to me. The joy, the bliss. They call to the very core of my being… Must listen.

)Pages flip open as fast as Superman can fly to spin the Earth backward! YES! THAT fast!(

10-28-2004 12:50 am

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