August-January 1999 – email1

From: Gary Ploski
1/4/99 09:11 AM
Subject:  Well,

        it’s been 5 months. It’s been 5 months and one helluva trip. Where have I gone? Here, there, ya got me. All I know is it’s been a mad crazy venture.

        I walked off the the plane and felt wildly… exahausted. It’d been a long time since I relaxed. Granted, my time in CA was wonderful, but to do nothing. Well, I had the next bit of time to have fun. Relax? NNahhhhhh! Not then, and not now. It just doesn’t fit into the schedule – that’s pronounced ‘shed-u-le’. I was greeted by the mom, tree, marker, evynne, meghan, and kenny. They all rule. They are the one’s that came over to JPN and traveled alll over the place with me. Dems is gewd ppls.

        WHat next? Hell, I was thinking the same thing. There were things to be done, people to be spoken with about lots of stuff, ahhhh man there were things to do. BUT first I had to get home. Home… now this home was to my next home. A home I had lived in before, but a home I was going to for the first time in over a year. A home I was entering into for the first time after living alone. Alone as in the only person that could communcate in the english language. Alone as in seperated from my family and friends.

        Now I was to be in a house with 2 other people. I’d lived here before – by the way, I’m in my home/room at the moment. How bout a shout out…. WAAAAAAAA OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH!!! say boo yah booyah. — Now I live here again. Man it’s such a strange feeling. I like beeing here, but damn I wish I had a place of my own or even with 1 or 2 other ppl my age. Ahhh anyway, to the real reason for this blurb. Happenings since last year. 1998. August.

        I began working in the Admissions Office for TPU – my alma mater. I met bunches of ppl and learned quite a bit about the happenings in the admissions office. Did I like the job – honestly, no. Am I still doing the job -  huuuh huuuh uhhh, no. Didja get it? did ya? Sarcasm, ohhhh it’s so much fun. We all need to do something to determine whether or not we want to do it again and again and again. I’d keep typing it, but if I did we’d both get bored reading this wouldn’t we. that’s a triple – yup yup yup. I worked there for about a month and a half.

        During that time I was looking for more. Something different, I.S.(info. sys.), resident director… Those two were in the lead for a long while. What did I do? Well, I sent my resume to ppl in Boston, Chicago, on the net, and bunchs of ppl here in CT. Oh yeah, try em all. Iterviews!!! One word — Is anybody else tired of this stuff!!! Okay so there are a lot of ‘1 word’s in there. Sue me… oh wait, you probably could — we’re in the United lawsuit States of America. Opps, forgot.

        Where was I? Oh yeah.. Chicago. I went out there, yeah I actually went out to Chicago to interview for a job. Unbelievable – low on funds and ready to travel. Low on funds? Ya got me. Stuck to the wall and trapped like a FULMORI. A handful of people will get that one. I bought MY CAR!!! I went out and within the first 2 weeks… I bought a CARRR!!! An Acura Integra GSR. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Talk about happiness. Back to the bad part… ???? huh ????

        I went out to Chicagi and got the job. Nothin was said about the earing, the hair or anything else. WOOOOOOOOO! Lookin good, I thought. Well I was happy with the ppl, but the place didn’t do it for me. Way toooooo spaceous. Ah, to make the long story short. I was talked into goin by my liason out there — pretty much everytime we talked on the phone. Yup, that’s what happened. So, about 2 days before I was to leave, I was on the phone and I was asked, pretty much point blank to do what?  TO DO WHAT???? To cut my hair!!!! Some think this is a stupid thing, but me, well, no. If one is to bend for such a ‘petty’ thing, the question to pose is… “WHAT’S NEXT?” My tie? My teeth? My height? Nah, none for me thanx, I’m drivin.

        What’d I do? I didn’t go. Hey hey hey, I’m here in CT and I’m workin at BAM. That’s Bell Atlantic Mobile. In about 2 days I’ll be finished with training. It’s been about 5 weeks. Oh wait. I forgot something. Silly me. Silllllly silly sillly me. I was workin at Chili’s for a month. Stress? Stress? Oh man did that place cause MASSSSIVE amounts of stress. I couldn’t sleep. I was awake programming my brain before I could fall asleep. Oy vey!!

        It got to me alright. It got me into a semi routine for a while. Why’d I do it? Well, I always wondered what it would be like to work as a waiter. So I did it. It was fun. Talking about food I would never eat. Food I could barely look at. Oh the irony! It was a funny thing.

        Ya see, this stress thing has happened 3x’s since I came back here – came back home. That was the worst thing I’ve gone through since I came back here. I lost weight. Yes, I LOST weight when I came back to the US! I lost weight. I couldn’t eat. THat’s right, I couldn’t eat the food. There were, get this — too many preservatives in the food. It wouldn’t go in and stay in. Groose level rising. Yeah yeah yeah, let it go and that’s what happened. Oh, I put it back on and off and on and off and on. This one needs to go on and on, because that’s what happened. I remember the first day at TPU my pants were falling off. I had lost that much weight. Weird — yes. Good — no. life — yup.

        Oh well, such is the way of life. Such is the way when you come home to a new home that is still your old home. I’m still sittin in my room in this same home and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. So many things have happened here and many things have yet to happen. WHere do I go from here — Planet Gorgon? If I could go, I’d be on one of the first transports.   wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooosssssssssssshhhhhh.

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