Back on Track

Ahhh. One break down and one gala event later… I feel much better.

“It’s not you, circumstance is weighing down on you.” I needed that perspective to help me refocus. Sure, I’ve made some faux pas and admitted to said gaffe(s). What else can I do? If other parties involved have anything they need/want to say there is little else I can do. I finally had the emotional release I knew was in a pending state. Wow it felt great. It hurt so deeply but felt so good to feel.

We watched Desperate Houswives today (Hello, little girl) which happened to be about breaking the rules – everybody does it. At the end an uber big truth is revealed and the narator talks about how some rules are broken and apologies are issued but some things aren’t forgivable. Without going into detail the episode meant more to me due to recent events.

Considering everything: the episode, the post, my purge… By the time we arrived at the event with my toilet water splashed tie (things didn’t go very well when I was trying to tie my windsor knot)… I was back on track. It felt so nice to have a clear mind again.

The event inspired me and had me wondering if there was something I could apply my skill set to whereby I could make a difference. I’ve been noticing lately that the implementation of technology at work is not going to move quickly… much by the time I’m ready to leave. So what does that mean to me and my future? A huge question but one I’ll be thinking about over the next year plus.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for my 33rd bday and tonights event helped me to expand on some ideas. Rock climbing at The Rock Club? A weekend at Farm Sanctuary? Both? A mash up of these ideas? Why either or? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Time with my fam and friends is the most important thing to me on my bday. I honestly couldn’t care less about presents or cake. Memories are so gorram uber rock’n sock’n hoo-rah!

Everything that I’ve heard about FS leads me to believe that it will be nothing less than a life altering experience. Sure it’s 4 hours away. I don’t think any would argue that 4 hours is too far for a life altering experience.

The event was wonderfule and I have to thank Brad at Animal Welfare Trust (again!) for inviting emma and me to sit at his table. You’re an incredibly kind man sir. Thank you again.

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