BAM Pix in 99 & May Pix in 04

HELLO Bell Atlantic Mobile and hello again! It’s been a rediculously long time coming but they’re finally online. The brilliant work of Mr. Trent and another BAM employee (sorry dude, I can’t remember your name at the moment). These pix were created back in ’99. Yes, they’re OLD. Just like me.

Back to the main point… Their art was created while chatting with the technologically elite. )waiter. heavy on the sarcasm please( The images aren’t tame so be warned! You’ll see the ppix on the right hand side of the page. A new image will load ever time the page loads. Enjoy all 55! You can browse the images here: CLICK TO BROWSE I’m a big fan of “I’m free!”

2004 – May – Volleyball – Me me me, up up up!
The other new pix include… ME! Me, me, and me. Hell it’s my site so I want some solo pix. Voila. Volleyball has been a large part of my life over the last year and I finally have proof that I can play… er, at least hit. Take a gander and gasp as the marvel that is lil ol me jump jump jumpin.

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