Bicycles & Cars

Last night I had a dream. I found myself in a place called cyber land. Er… I found myself on a road in the dark with no lights on save for my car. Fortunately the other cars that were going along beside me had their lights on too. After some time the cars trickled off until I was alone on the road.

I saw a small light, white, not red like it should have been. And only one light, not two. I slowed down but continued. “What the…?” A bicycle? Zoom – right past the two wheeler. “Well that was odd.” A short time later another one. This time I kept my speed up. Then, another, and another.

I began swerving around to avoid them because there were so many until… a screech… Next thing I know I’m stopped. Outside my car I see hundreds of people on bikes swarming like bees. Many of which were yelling at me. I felt completely confused. Almost as though my body had it in for me right before I was about to make a decision – continue driving or get out – I woke up.

Full of images and open to interpretation. Personally, I think I’m too far gone to even begin figuring out what any of it “means”. I’ll just keep “rolling with the homies” until I stop having these normal dreams. = )

06-03-2004 03:37 pm

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