Big Products for Plus Sized Peeps

Sigh. Didn’t I write about this last night?! The more we grow the more we adapt. Blah. {sarcasm}Yeah team.{/sarcasm}

Check out Gizmodo’s “completely nonjudgmental, non-sizest Top 10 List of Big Fat Products for those who are larger than life.” by clicking on More.
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bigbruiserstop.jpgLet’s face it, this world is not made for big bruisers, people over 400 pounds, the plus-sized souls who are living in a world that seems to be comparatively miniature. We’ve been noticing products targeted at these overweight individuals, an example of how the world eventually accommodates the size of its inhabitants. So here it is, our completely nonjudgmental, non-sizest Top 10 List of Big Fat Products for those who are larger than life.

1. From the Great John Toilet Company, this behemoth pictured above can accommodate up to 2000 pounds, has an extra wide base with four anchor points and 150% more contact area on the seat.

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2bottombuddy2.jpg2. Bottom Buddy, a “toileting aid” for those who can’t quite reach all the way around to that area that most needs cleaning. Plus, lets you easily dispose of that used toilet paper when you’re done.

3seatmap.jpg3. SeatGuru, a website that tells you which seats are the best on the airplane, which will give you the most room and which won’t recline.

4ws1000b-200.jpg4. Siltec Model WS1000, a heavy-duty electronic platform scale that measures up to 1000 pounds. This highly accurate, easy to read scale has a 15×15 inch weighing platform.

5Beltfamily-180.jpg5. Personal airline seatbelt extenders eliminate the embarrassment of asking a flight attendant for an extender on the airplane; carry your own and have it when you want it.

6_bigburger.jpg6. 15-pound burger: if you’ve just given up with all that dieting, pick up a Beer Barrel Belly Buster at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. It’s got 10 pounds of meat, formed into a 20-inch patty on a 17-inch bun. It’s topped off with 25 slices of cheese, a head of lettuce, and a lot more for $30.

7Main_Box.jpg7. DietPower software: if you haven’t given up on all that dieting, exercising along with a caloric reduction program is proven to be the best path to weight loss. DietPower works like a champ; we can tell you from personal experience.

8dukediet.jpg8. Duke Diet and Fitness Center is world renowned for taking that weight off and keeping it off. Using specialized diet and exercise, there’s a variety of programs for all kinds of people, all supervised by the ace medical staff at Duke University.

9wheelchairs.jpg9. Super-sized wheelchairs: hospitals are now supersized, where the tiny wheel chairs of the past are widening out to accommodate larger patients. The Sentra EC extra-large wheelchair has a 24-inch seat width to accommodate those supersized posteriors.

10goliath.jpg10.The death industry is even getting into the act, and one of the biggest dealers is the Goliath Casket Corporation, specializing in 20-gauge steel caskets that are the size of a large Jacuzzi.

Perhaps this reminds us of the ultimate toll of obesity, which is a disease and not a moral deficiency or weakness of will. Not too funny. – Charlie White

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