Breaking Through

This weekend was the exact kind of refreshing weekend I needed. emma and I got out of our heads and had an amazing conversation about balance with nature and where we as individuals draw the line with that balance. Killing a bug, an animal, a person, etc. The conversation carried through our meal at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), zooming up to the Westchester, and then walking around the mall looking for linen pants – of which only $70+ linen pants were found! Oy!

Ahhh. It was a great weekend. We talked. What a huge weight it was off both our shoulders.

Added to that feeling was the sense of wholeness with War Music. We have finally made our way through each scene with generic blocking. Lines are in the 90% bracket. We’re on our way to having a complete show with 3 weeks until curtain. )smiles inside( As much as I’ve been looking forward to the show rehearsals haven’t been the excitement that I thought they would be. All that is gone now. I feel the personal sense of investment finally. RAH! I am utter ecstatic to do this show now!

With these breakthroughs, and emma’s non-softball day (a double header was cancelled after she and the team arrived at the field in NJ) giving me a few hours to sift through my grey juices I laid out a plan to completely overhaul my web site. I don’t have a defined list as I probably should but I do have a rough draft that has been revisited about 10+ times. Here goes…

clean out phpnuke from joomla db – complete
trim/clean out 2004/2003 gallery

Collage image – front page
domino effected pages – ???

–most recent
-my drawings
-amazon wishlist

import blogger to wp – image import problem
import joomla into wp? yes/no?

tag blogs

Phew. Yup. It’s going to take a while. I have an idea in mind that may, or may not work which is a thumbnail here. Under the squares/circles will be a collage of something (a desktop, pix from the day to day, etc. That’s un certain still. Within the boxes on the top left will be image links to the most recent pic or a daily pic in the gallery, the BAM pix, desktop pix from long ago, and drawings I’ve scribbled over the years. On & @ will include links to me on other sites such as digg, myspace, etc. Interactive mode initiate… )powering up sound( vvvvoooooOOOOOOOOPPPP

Suggestions? Thoughts? Confusion? Fire away below.

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