Brother for Sale

AH! A Nice feel good laugh about it in the future story. Imagine you’re a household object being sold without your knowledge. That sucks. Sad sad lamp. )sniff( Now imagine you’re a human being being sold without your knowledge. WTF? At least tell me what I’m selling for would ya?

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Typo Changes Ad to ‘Brother for Sale’
Typo Changes Newspaper Ad for Brother Brand Sewing Machine to ‘Brother for Sale’

The Associated Press

VANCOUVER, Wash. Feb. 11 ? Barbara Bennett wanted to sell her Brother brand sewing machine, so she bought a classified advertisement under “Miscellaneous” and “Items under $50” in The Columbian newspaper.

Instead, the words “sewing machine” were accidentally dropped, leaving a “BROTHER” for sale ad.

One caller wanted to know if the price was negotiable. Another, upon hearing what was really for sale, said merely, “Thank you,” and hung up.

Bennett, 41, a customer service representative, said Tuesday she has two brothers in California and is not putting either on the block. Newspaper officials agreed to run a corrected ad.

“It’s OK, I needed a good laugh,” Bennett said. “I had minor heart surgery on Friday, so it helps.”

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