Bully Boys

I’m sitting on the deck at the lake house while people are jumping on large tubes, reading, chatting, smacking a ball back and forth, and various other tinz. It’s been a calm quit… er, except for the damn’d lawnmower (from next door) and the air compressor for the tube. Like I said, it’s been gorram quiet!

Well, as soon as the compressor is turned off again it’ll be so, so, nice.

It’s been about 10 minutes of air compressing noise now… Like everything else does it’s stopped. Thank god.

My head is still swelled with pain due to some neck pain and so that noise. Argh.

Wasn’t the lake nice and peaceful Gar?
Oh yea. It was great. Ya know, after the leaf blower, air compressor, lawnmower, the singing, the t.v., the pressure washer, and all those other noise things were turned off.
brief pause
Yea, it was nice up there wasn’t it.
Insert blank dumbfounded glare here.

Berman has found a way to look painfully cute while helping the fam. She’s wearing my patagonia top, my socks, a VERY large pair of gloves and her skirt… to help with the leaves. Wait-a-minute – Meg has on my sneakers too. Yep, I’m as much a part of this clean-up as I can be now. 0= )

Thinking back…

The ride up felt like a blip on the radar due to the company – Ev and Meg. I don’t normally get to hang out with them for longer than 10 minutes or so due to this, that, AND the other thing. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to connect with them this summer either here at the lake, at 1101, or en route to the lake. Meg mentioned something of interest to me just before heading out to Sunday Mass ‘I’m not sure where I stand now. I don’t know what to believe.’

More than 2 hours later Tree, Gram, Ev, and Meg returned from Mass. 2 HOURS. WTF. The breakdown was: 40 minutes of music, mass, and approximately 55 minutes of lecture, er sermon from some dude. He had his 12″ PowerBook with him and told everyone about the most helpful books he found to aide with the search for one’s destiny. Ya know. It’s THAT easy. Read some books and VOILA! You’ll find your destiny is in the prologue. If it isn’t you better read the next book..


Nobody enjoyed the lecture so it was fully enjoyable poking fun at the whole situation. Meg had a few more thoughts to throw emma and my way before we were slated to head back to CT. Sadly I was nearly immobile due to my head pain. Emma kneaded my neck and it HURT, hurt, hurt! Happily it did ease the pressure from my head. I digress…

Very few children want to disappoint their parents. It’s just the way it is. During the conversation Meg expressed a worry that because she was confused about what to believe her rents might be disappointed in her. = \ We tried to tell her that she can believe whatever she like and her rents will be proud of her. It frustrates me because I was roped into the church when I was young but found my way out almost as fast as I found my way in. She’s searching for her truth. Her system and so she’s begun with a great method – Asking questions. Rock on keepah.

It was a great chat and I hope she, and the other cuzs, take me up on the offer to visit 11o1. It’d be great to sit, chat, and just connect. I really want to be able to talk to them again, and as adults. They’re pretty much there. It’s time. Thump time that is.

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