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The other day I spoke to “Christina” about cancelling my AOL service. Yes, I still had the service. Why? Well, I had accrued a huge surplus when I used to use the AOL Visa card and figured why throw away the credit.

Well that day ended recently. My credit was spent and I saw a $2.15 charge on my still active AOL Visa card. “Ah.” I thought “Looks like it’s time to cancel my AOL service. …Wait-a-minute. I remember reading something on the other day about how difficult it was for someone to cancel. Let me find that post…”

And so I searched for a few minutes. Voila… Titled: “There’s ONE page hopes you’ll never find

clock“Christina” answered after a 3-4 minute hold time (not bad at all) and gave me her email addy – I don’t know why.
I went through the normal I would like to cancel, why why why portion of the call and then she turned on me. I said “cancel” she said “I don’t understand why you want to cancel.” I replied “I don’t use AOL’s service and so I want to cancel.” To which she actually said “I still don’t understand why you would want to cancel.”

After 17:55 I finally hung up the phone with a cancelled account. Effective 2006/04/22 I am no longer paying waiting for my credit to zero out. I’m done. Best of luck AOL. Take that subscriber number and take it down a peg.

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  1. I wish to cancel my account with aol due to my husband dieing and I need the money I had been paying for this account and I am also getting rid of my computor. thank you, Martha Henry

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