Capital M for Mama-Mia!

After a missed opportunity at SLC I’ve changed my way thinking. Previously I had concluded, naively or incorrectly, I’m not sure which, that information would flow more effectively in the grad program. As many things turn out, simply put, I was wrong.

As my favorite saying goes “Life is 99.9% what you make of it, so if your life sucks, you suck.” I was letting things happen. Now, ha ha ha, that’s not going to cut it. Niet! Now, I’m asking what is available, looking for opportunities and forcing my way stepping up. I’ve felt as though I shouldn’t be too vocal in some situations, classes, etc. hoping that I’d hear something new but this has only made me bored or enh. Yes, enh. Sucks a blah to feel enh. = )

Tonight the curtain opens on Vorkuta. A piece described in SLC’s daily email as:

a new play by student Blake Starbuck Rogers, directed by noted guest director Pamela Berlin. Death, sex, abandonment, violence, escapism, and insanity trouble the weary citizens of the arctic Soviet city Vorkuta. Thoughts turn into actions when national history entices and destroys the wills of two women in this communist metadrama. Following the reading, please stay for a brief discussion with the playwright, moderated by Stuart Spencer.

Soon enough I’ll be auditioning for another reading, this one, happy happy joy joy!, is written for 9 men. NINE! At SLC. That’s a bit on the risky side. My take… Hell, I’ve for the Y chromosome. Let’s do it! Grrrrrrrrrrreat! While being sad, I was happy to have conquered a tingling fear this past weekend. A fellow grad called me and asked if I was interested in a performing in an Opera… with no singing involved. Curiosity peeked. I said “yea! where?” The Manhattan School of Music.

Long story short I was not cast as the Devil. Sigh. The Devil wins, wins, and wins in this piece. Drat. Right, short version – I wasn’t cast when the Musical Director chose his cousin because he could sing. The Director said she had to go with his choice. I was confused but didn’t care. Chalk up my first experience with a show in the city and my first rejection! SUH-WEET! It felt good to be rejected.

There’s always more but there’s rarely enough time. Curtain is in 1 hour and call is in 15. Yimminy. Scamper time. Meep Meep!

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