Catching Up with the Fall of 2008

Since my last post a couple few sandstorm of things have taken place in and around 1101. I thought about writing about each topic at length but came to the conclusion that it’s best to get something written instead of nothing so here we go! It’s going to feel like a top 10 list without the top 10! Buckle up. Ready… Set… GIT!

In no particular order…

My teeth – For years, and years and years I’ve experienced sharp stings of pain in my teeth thanks to two wisdom teeth that came in impacted when I was high school. Stupid wisdom teeth. Well, thanks to the economy I was able to obtain a 0% interest loan for the procedure. Cha’ching! Couple that with my employers Flexible Spending Account (FSA) option it is finally the time to straighten mah toofs. Invisalign here I come.

My gram recently went through a rough spot. Actually there were a few rough spots. All is well now but she now has one less toe. Eek! How about that at 87 years old. From what she told emma and me the pain meds were absolutely… Useless. She could feel the cutting, etc. AHH! What happened Yale Hospital operating folk? Skipping over the blame game… Gram is doing well and getting better daily. Hoo-ha!

It is now 6 weeks and 3 days since emma had the ESWT procedure on her feet. During that time it appears that her feet have gotten better but it’s still touch and go. Heated daily. Massaged multiple times a day. Walked on as little as possible. Things are going slowly but they’re moving forward. The bumps that had been on both heels have gone away almost completely. According to an FAQ on the ESWT site — “Most will have noticeable to significant improvement by the thirteenth week.” and “Total healing of the area can take up to one year.

My intention this fall was to work with Anne Beaumont before she graduated Sarah Lawrence College this December in The Seagull. I was extremely fortunate to be cast as Trigorin. Score!  With the show in its final week someone came to me and asked… “Would you be interested in playing Torvald Helmar in A Doll’s House? How could I refuse?! Well I could, I hadn’t seen emma much and rehearsal would start one day after The Seagull ended and would open in just over 3 weeks. Well, I didn’t. I graciously accepted the part and ran with it every single day (except Sunday’s) for the next 2 and a half weeks. During the Thanksgiving break I learned my lines and promptly jumped into tech the Monday we returned. The next Sunday at approximately 5pm I was in Bronxville having a celebratory dinner with emma. Two amazing shows in a total of 10 weeks.

After my car was stolen I found myself looking at the parking spot it no longer occupied on my way to work and home every day. It was depressing and sad. I knew logically it wouldn’t be there. I knew I was going to look even though I’d tell myself not to every single day. Well, like most things, I realized one day that I had stopped looking. No. The realization was not an impetus to start looking again. I smiled at the thought and continued my walk home. I remember thinking that I needed to post this realization because it was the true conclusion to the story. To answer the question – Nope. I’m not looking to buy another car just yet. That may change next year though depending on how the car market goes.

A funny thought ran through my head while working on The Seagull and then A Doll’s House… Will my tongue ring survive this? It was taken out so many times for rehearsal and I’d forgotten to put it back in the same evening so many times. Those mornings my tongue was swelled from the previous night’s rehearsal – acting is a tongue workout (if you will). It hurt a number of times pushing/turning the stud so it would squish through. And did it survive? Verily! Though, I do think a shorter stud with smaller caps would be helpful in the long run. Shopping time! )Waves a magic wand( Poof! …And there we have it. $19.99 —  Stainless Barbell with Disc Ends

While I was away… aka less than one mile from 1101… emma was busy on her side of the creative lake. She managed something unprecedented in one week – starting on a Saturday. She had been sending out queries to agents for her novel for a few weeks before this particular Saturday. A file was sent and then for the next few days email tag was played. Friday afternoon emma had, insert gasp and glee here, an agent that was very excited to represent her book and work with her on some revisions. Holy whoa! We both expected this facet of the writing process to take as long or longer than the creation of the book took – 3 years for those interested in the details. Glee and squee happened for quite some time. In fact it continues still. So, if I haven’t told you yet in person… emma has an agent!

And that meant emma needed a lawyer. Why? Well, technically she didn’t need a lawyer but it sure made sense to get one to look over the contract and offer suggested changes since the house is so small – only two agents. What happens if the agent leaves? Um… That’s where the lawyer came in to save the day. Sigh. Yes. I just wrote that sentence. Bah. =) At the same time… It’s really exciting to take this next step. As the old saying goes: You have to spend money to make money. And money we did spend.

And so, after I returned from my 10 weeks of theatre and emma came to visit terra-ferma, you see she also was advised that she was going to be published in an annual literaly magazine called “Unsaid” so Cloud 9 was a really great place to be. =) When she touch down though and I stood on the same ground she started telling and saying and singing something – “I’m so lonely.” We needed some time together. No. We desperately needed some time together. I joked to someone recently when they asked me what my next role was. I replied “A husband.” as I looked at emma and smiled a Jack Skelington smile. I am so happy and lucky to be supported by someone in my artistic endeavors and to have the fortune to be supportive of her artistic endeavors. We both love what we’re doing but mamma-mia! did we need to spend time together. The holiday break has been great and we still have a full week off.

With that time, ha – somehow I made my list become narrative, I had time to finally RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) my harddrive. What does that mean? It means the two 750GB drives I have are always mirrored. Errr… They always have the same data on each. So, if anything happens to one drive no data is lost. I simple need to replace the dead drive with another 750GB drive and everything is peachy. But it doesn’t stop there. I decided to use my old 250GB drive as a Time Machine backup. Mwahahaha! Which JUST finished backing up the most important data mere moments ago. ROCK! There are no pix in the blog but I have backedup close to half of them up on Flickr just in case the RAID and the TimeMachine backup fail. Lose Pix = Do Not Want!

And the last major event, techy related, is that I have been using twitter much more thanks to the twitter Facebook app. More regularly I am able to post quick updates about my daily goings on. So, if you’re on Facebook or twitter keep an eye out for the snippet updates. For the heck of it I just added to apps that do the same thing on MySpace. Who knows how well they work.

Ahh… And there we have it the Fall of 2008, more of less, in just over 1300 words. Thank you WordPress 2.7 for the word count.  And now it’s off to spend some time with emma and the Brits (Amaya, Damian, and Rachel) and to enjoy an amazing meal at Candle 79.

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