Chocolate Birthday Party for Adults v.2014

Just a few months after moving to Portland, Oregon it was time for a birthday chocolate fest. By chance I stumbled upon a chocolate and salt shop called THE MEADOW and knew that this year would be a year to remember!

The Menu:

(in alphabetical order)

The layout

The layout

Blanxart – Dark Chocolate 60% with Olives

Blanxart – White Chocolate with Strawberries (contains dairy)

Endangered Species Chocolate – 72% cocoa, Lavender Mint créme filmed dark chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate – 72% cocoa, Sea Salt & Lime Créme Filled dark chocolate

Equal Exchange Chocolates – 67% cacao, Mint Chocolate with a delicate crunch

Equal Exchange Chocolates – 55% cacao, Lemon Ginger chocolate with black pepper

Lake Champlain Chocolates – 38% cocoa Peanut Butter (contains dairy)

Lavender Mint Créme

Lavender Mint Créme

Lillie Belle Farms Handmade Chocolate – 70% Madagascar Dark Chocolate ‘Ramblin Rose’

Madécasse – Espresso Bean – 44% cocoa, madagascar coffee with caramel notes (contains dairy)

Madécasse – Cinnamon & Chili Pepper – 63% dark chocolate, ceylon cinnamon & sakay chili peper

Seattle Chocolates – Rainier Cherry – Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Praline Pecans and Cherries

Seattle Chocolates – Birthday Cake Batter, Milk chocolate Truffle Bar with confetti cake mix (contains dairy)

Theo Chocolate – 70% dark chocolate, Fig Fennel & Almond

Theo Chocolate – 70% dark chocolate, Orange

Whole Foods – 60% cacao, Dark Chocolate Pear & Almond (contains dairy)

Thinking Back

The Ramblin Rose blew nearly everyone away. Considering its long list of ingredients, organic cocoa beans & organic sugar) you might expect very little. WOW! What a chocolate it is!

This year’s accompanying snack food included 2 loaves of bruschetta and 2 bags of Kettlecorn popcorn. Water kept on flowing and a few people brought some wine to add to the flavor punch.

Thinking back I really enjoyed the Birthday Cake Batter as well as the Lemon Ginger. There were so many wonderful flavors and chocolate experiences! It sure makes it easy to look forward to celebrating a birthday. =D

Presenting the Chocolate

Go forth and make your event all sorts of chocolatey awesome!

What chocolates did I miss that should be added to next year’s menu?

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