Citikitty – Circle 4

The kittens have been on circle 4 for an extra week or so due to Cthulhu’s high interest in litter. We had to go revise the process to include one week of toilet seat up on circle 4 because she didn’t know how to handle the massive hole of nothingness. She hid in the kitchen and tried to hide #2. So sad and cute that she tried to hide it in the far corner.

Anyhow… The second week of circle 4 has been a success. Both used the toilet this AM without a hiccup. My guess is that by midweek nextweek the stage will be circle 5 or half of circle 4 will be removed. Time will tell.

The god of madness strikes again.

Mags… She just likes to push all the litter into the toilet even if she hasn’t done anything. Yea. Thanks Mags.

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