Citikitty – Circle 5

It finally happened. This past Sunday the kittens reached circle 5. It wasn’t until Monday sometime when they used it though. A trick we found to work is to leave the toilet seat up if the/a kitten isn’t using the citikitty.

It seems to provide more space and closer proximity to the ever important litter. By Wednesday the toilet seat was left down and the kittens have been using circle 5 with no troubles.

I did find one ball outside the toilet on the floor even though everything else was in the toilet. Odd. Happily that was the 2nd incident. Hoo-rah. By the time we leave for Seattle the kittens should be trained. 5/15-8/2. That’ll make it approximately 11 weeks for 2 kittens. Further (specific) details will be noted when they are officially trained via citikitty.

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