fantastic four number 1There seems to be a problem here sir.

What’s the sitrep?

Well. Sir. There is. Sir. They’ve changed the layout. We may need to revisit our initial plans.

Show me. E-Gad man! You’re right! Cancel the operation. Fail safe 1101 is in place. Mark.


11o1 inDEED. The homestead looks like it’s never looked before – save for the structure. Yesterday emma and I re-arranged the bedroom, removed 4 chairs, and, well, I’ve been cleaning little bits each night. The place is turning into something we enjoy. Whoohooo! Odd.

In two years we did things to the place but didn’t really… Reach for anything. It feels god to dab a little here, or there, but not (ahem), no, not there. Ja! Simple little things have brought new life and energy into 11o1.

Smiles. So many the smiles.

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