Coldness Burning Within

The other night I was privy to a very unfortunate phone call. Emma’s ex called her and had nothing to say. When asked why he called the response was a “pretty shitty” reason. He was drunk. The call lasted about 1-2 minutes and left the taste of a stale lime & lemon combined on the night. Sour and bitter.

This evening, morning was my turn for the “call”. During the brief online conversation there was a full 1 minute 15 second gap with nothing said. How glorious the technology gods must feel allowing for a simple guy like me to have access to such knowledge. Bwaahaahaha.

I feel unimportant and un-necessary to None. I’ve offered up many inquiries about her day to day life and had none responded to. What brought about the conversation? Something was asked of me. I didn’t respond soon enough I guess. It has been 6 hours since the request was emailed to me.

Why didn’t I reply? I guess I felt like I didn’t need to since all my emails have been left in the sandbox with all the other toys. Does that make sense? Yea? Nah? When it happens to you I think you’ll understand if you said ‘nah’.

Would I have responded? I think I was going to in the AM after I woke up. At least that was my last decision about an hour ago. Alas. I am no longer needed for anything so I don’t need to reply now. My street address will serve the purpose.

I’m a source of information. Yea me! “Glad I could help. =O”

06-24-2004 12:37 am

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