Coldness Burning Within – explanation

BlndBluprNcss (12:14:39 AM): hey there… did you get my email?

Auto response from gploski (12:14:39 AM): England no longer existed. He’d got that–somehow he’d got it. He tried again. America, he thought, has gone. He couldn’t grasp it. He decided to start smaller again. New York was gone. No reaction. He’d never seriously believed it existed anyway. The dollar, he thought, has sunk for ever. Slight tremor there. Every Bogart movie has been wiped, he said to himself, and that gave him a nasty knock. McDonald’s, he thought. There is no longer any such thing as a McDonald’s hamburger. He passed out. When he came round a second later he found he was sobbing for his mother.

BlndBluprNcss (12:16:26 AM): you are away, I tried…. so good night then
gploski (12:16:58 AM): just had to send something
BlndBluprNcss (12:17:20 AM): hm?
BlndBluprNcss (12:17:23 AM): hi
gploski (12:17:26 AM): you’d like BT’s address?
BlndBluprNcss (12:17:50 AM): yeah, or I could send it your way… either way
gploski (12:18:05 AM): up to you. which woul dyou rather?
BlndBluprNcss (12:18:49 AM): It might be easier to give it to you because i still have things I got for you a while ago and never sent
BlndBluprNcss (12:19:02 AM): I can just do it all at once
BlndBluprNcss (12:19:16 AM): I just thought of that
gploski (12:19:33 AM): glad i could help. =-O
BlndBluprNcss (12:20:00 AM): yes yes
BlndBluprNcss (12:21:25 AM): ok, good night then..thanks
gploski (12:21:25 AM): lotsa silence. kinda neat.
gploski (12:21:29 AM): sure tin
gploski (12:21:41 AM): sleep well lass
BlndBluprNcss (12:21:49 AM): ditto
gploski (12:21:54 AM): 06-24-2004 12:55 am

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