collateralMost taxi rides start with two simple words – ìWhere to?î Collateral felt to me, like a taxi ride. I saw the destination but the driver decided to go another way to get there.

Fox and Cruise were wonderful in their roles and the cinematography was, well, unfocused and off balanceÖ in a good way. The script lost its punch about 5-10 minutes into the ride with Vincent (Cruise). Without spoiling the film let me say this, we meet someone during the first 10-15 minutes of the movie and gaer a friendship with them, along with Max (Fox). Instead of picking up and continuing our way along this path weíre instantly thrown into high risks and lose the opportunity for a stomach blow.

What do I mean? If youíve seen the trailer you know what Vincent is and you know why Max is along for the ride. In the film we lea this too quickly in my opinion. Instead of building a connection between the two characters, allowing Max dropping his guard and open up, we see Max reacting with fear from, nearly, the get go.

Had we seen the two talk a bit more and/or had Vincent perform one ëvisití in stealth we may have had more time to grow a liking or disliking to the character. Instead we lea very quickly what kind of person he is.

While this may seem like a ñ hated it ñ review I must speak to the contrary. I enjoyed the movie. There was plenty of tension built into each scene involving to two main characters. If youíre in the mood for a clench my fists, legs, body flic spend 6 bucks and catch a matinee. It is worth the ride, just keep the tip. ñ I had to do it. =P

6 of 10

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