Colleges May Ban freshman

Someone. Please. Make it stop. Make it all go away. I thought the PC pendulum had swung back?! Help! Someone! Please!?

Main Entry: fresh?man
Pronunciation: ‘fresh-m&n
Function: noun
1 : a first-year student

So instead of using the term to define student status, people will instead be dubbed the definition?! I’m still in shock. I’m… I… I seriously cannot believe this is happening. Shock.

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Colleges may ban “freshmen”

NEW BRITAIN (AP) — The Connecticut State University system is considering dropping freshmen.

There would still be newcomers to the four state campuses but they would be “first year students” rather than be called freshmen.

Trustees of state university system are expected to vote today on the change in the university’s admissions policy, including dropping the word “freshman.”

School officials say the change reflects a changing student body, with incoming students representing a broad range of part-timers, full-timers and transfers from other colleges.

Student affairs officials say the terms freshman, sophomore, junior and senior don’t have the same relevance they once had.

There are more than 35-thousand students are the CSU system’s four campuses in New Britain, New Haven, Willimantic and Danbury. A third of the students are part time.

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