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Sometime ago I posted some numbers:

2006/09/29 (Friday) – 1,110
21 days later…
2006/10/20 (Friday) – 2,096
Now, 49 days later…
2006/12/08 (Friday) – 5,505

What the truck! In 70 days my spam count went from 1,100 to 5,505!? That’s approximately 63 spam per day. I don’t get it. Actuallly. No. I do get it. I just don’t want it.

Lately I have not been able to get sleep early. It’s 12:24. I should be sleeping. Last night was went past 1:30. Oddly enough today, I was able to pull myself off the bed. The morning before I couldn’t. I felt a pull or to put it better, I didn’t feel the capability to move my muscles. Some ghost hunters might say an apparation was present holding me down.

Nah. I was simply weak minded and couldn’t will myself up. Stupid will power.

At the end of the day today there will be one week left of school. I am very excited. England can’t come soon enough. With no shows under my belt, save one reading, I found myself adrift lacking a compass. While I learned a great, GRRRRReat deal this semester I did not have an opportunity to work on a piece from start to finish.

While I recognize the importance of practicing (scenes) it is equally important to go through a complete arc. I missed that chance. Ah well.

Order’s uppp! Here’s to the break and the next semester!

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