Communication Channels are 5×5

the written word fontThe written word has failed me of late. Has it bothered me? In a word – nonotreallyno. I am proud of one thing that fell off my finger tips recently. In an email to a friend from/in Japan I wrote: I’m only just waking up but your kind words brought a smile to my tired face.

Yea, it’s not the most amazing piece of text ever written but it was fun to write and when I looked back at what I had written I realized I in fact had a smile on my tired face. I felt happy.

Happy has been on hiatus of late. Why oh why. It’s really no mystery. With the conclusion of the semester now a few weeks behind me (us) ‘normal’ life has been settling in (at its own rate). Personal projects, work, and needed re-connecting time for emma and me. When and how to fit all this into the few hours available in the evening and the weekend have seemed impossible.

This past weekend it all changed. The kitchen is officially in process. Some guy name Cezer was here to measure and briefly discuss options with us. Conversations of substantial content landed on topics of significant merit. Time was spent reaching small and large goals – including 4 loads of laundry. <sarcasm>Oh the glee that was felt.</sarcasm> Tags for anyone that didn’t catch the inherent ridiculousness of that statement.

Simply put minds have settled down a bit which have opened up the conversation channels. Hoo-the-rah!

bat phoneShifting gears like a drift racer… Kazi was here for a few days recently. HOLY GOSH I FORGOT MY BAT-ARANG BATMAN! He lost 44 pounds’s! Oh, and he eats really well, has water with him nearly all the time and, I’m not fibbing, he has been free of the smoke since November. It shows. He looks happy and light and calm and relaxed and like Kaz again. He’s not back to 100% Kazi yet but he’s on his way. With a few more days (cough – read a week to a month) I think he would have kicked the Sigma Koki habit. )insert dreams can come true wish here(

Kazi was here, of course, to celebrate Monka’s wedding. Congrats to you and Jason Mon. Here’s to hoping that your honeymoon went amazingly well and you both laughed, smiled, and enjoyed the Bat-uber’ness of each other’s company. I’d go on more and such but <strike>I’m starting to feel a touch tired and</strike> I need to write about one last thing. Omedeto!

After months, and months, and months of searching (at random times of course) I found someone to contact about “Symphony Pastorale” written by Bob Barnett. Earlier in the year I spoke with Ed (Wierzbicki) about the information and discussed how best to approach the option. Finally, after nealy six (6) months I wrote to the Associate Artistic Director of the Victory Gardens Theater.

I have been saddened by the minimal results in Google (<10) when searching for the terms: “symphony pastorale” “bob barnett” The search yields four (4) results now. In November it yielded two (2). Someone has uploaded a snippet from ‘’ which has irked me because the performance is not very strong and the audio is awful. This isn’t good when the play has actors sitting on stools the entire time. The audio better be top notch so everyone can hear every word and/or sound. Cricket cricket.

If there was ever something I’d pray for this would be it. I have been unable to find anyone that knew how to get a copy of this play. I think this might be my last resort. If this fails that absolute last option will sit in Bob Barnett’s lap — Ed’s contact information. If he re-connects with Ed… Well, who knows what could happen. Here we go aces!

Must needs something something. RAAAAAAAAH! Heat lightening is cooooool! Flash, flash! I do miss the boom boom that normally accompanies flash flash. Meh… (you guessed it) Meh.

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