Count Those Pennies!

It’s time for me to count my pennies and then every other kind coin that may show itself! It’s time for me to move it on up, to the top… la la la la laaa laaa.

It’s come to that time of my life where I’m ACTUALLY shopping for a place to live Vs. a place to rent. No more of this rent stuff. Blah. I’m exceedingly tired of padding someone else’s bank account. Done-diggity-done red rover!

Well, not done just yet. Soon though. Soon the number will change from 134 to 21 for a short time while it changes from 134 to ??? for Avenga! Now THAT is going to take’m some guts. Ganbatte Avenga! Goin’ back ta Cali. Ta Cali, ta Cali… Sing along in your car.

I have decided, another decision yes, to jump ship too. I’m not going the straight and narrow anymore. Some may say it’s been there all along. Is he… ya know? To which most that don’t know me, here at SLC, say ‘I don’t know, is he?’

Yes I am, I’m BI! HA! There I said it… M$ and Apple are both at my finger tips and I LIKE IT! NYAH! Bi-OS baby and that means I need a Mac. Hmm… I think a PowerBook is in order. Yea! YEA! OH AND! AND! YEAAA! A Mac Mini too! What the hell, I’ll even run LINUX on it! BOOM BOOM BOOM! Hear that?! HEAR THAT?! It’s a three-some OHHHH! M$, OS X, and Linux! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ahh. Oki. Time to run around in circles until I fall down. Or I could just go back to my office and then skip off to my audition at 4:50. Hmm, I think I’ll do that instead. Damn. That spinning sounded fun though. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

02-15-2005 03:57 pm

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