Cthulhu and Magneto have arrived home

Yesterday after England beat Equador, we packed up our kittens after some drama and brought them home to 11o1. They immediately came out of their kitty carrier and started playing. Oh with paper boxes, toy mice, and twisted pieces of plastic. Cthulhu being the explorer took off first into the living room while Mag (who has never been in a room alone) started to meow like “Where is everyone!?”

I kept her company for a little while before bringing her into the other room where she again, started to play at once. These are cute amazing kittens- my mum has done a great job bringing them up for their first 8 weeks. My mum would call them genius kittens.

I will admit they do make me miss my mutton face. But I’m so happy to have them here at 11o1. Our apartment is now full!

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  1. Toby and Oscar are pleased to hear that you have converted to the Dark Side.

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