Data Migration

I am presently 5 minutes into migrating all my data from my PowerBook to my MacPro. It’s here. It’s fast and hot damn is it QUIET! I’m sitting in a room with nothing in it but a few things on the walls. Sound? What sound? The fraggin thing is nearly silent.

According to the Migration Assistant 1 hour 57 minutes remain until everything is copied over. 32 GB will do that.

The Iron Man Comiqutte also arrived… Today in fact. Geez! It’s huge. We had a good chuckle about it at work because it was very unexpected. Sadly the wall mounts we bought at West Elm recently will not support it… But they will support the mini busts. Squee!

It was the day of deliveries at work. MacPro, Iron Man, a CD (Fiona Apple’s newest), and emma’s face moisturizer. Thank god that arrived or I’d have been carrying everything home. She jumped for joy (through the phone) when I told her it had arrived. She then offered to pick me up. So nice. Golly gee.

adidas cycloneThe last thing on the plate is something I cannot believe I found… adidas sneakers that don’t scream lookitme! I’ve been searching for a year or so with no success at ALL. But. That all changed the other day. After enough defeat I searched and searched until I found the adidas ClimaCool Cyclone. At first I thought I would have to accept a blue and white shoe but no… Searching the and adidas scored the biggest gold mine to date (for shoes)… White and dark cyber (aka gray).

32 minutes remain. No it has not been over an hour. Yayaya. So close. Sooo close. I think it’s time I get ready for bed and then dream. Tomorrow… Tomorrow is a rock climbing at The Rock Club and furniture move eve. SCOOOOOORE!

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