Dead Laptop, Um No

Not quite. I was led to believe by one Apple technician that the logic board on my PowerBook was broken, damaged, or something and that the machine would konk out on me. Well… despite my dislike for Apple’s support my laptop has treated me well.

Today, at this moment, my laptop has an uptime of 44 days 4 hours and 25 minutes. Why will that change, or rather why am I noting it now? I had to install a security update that requires a reboot. Yea. 44 days without a problem. If only the tech had fixed the “problem” or even attempted to diagnose the trouble I reported – heat and constant fan.

I am not going back on what I wrote many many months ago regarding Apple laptops. I’m not interested in them at all. OS X is phenomenal but their laptop support is was awful (for me).

Desktop fun is still pending. My order is scheduled to ship by 8/15. Why it hasn’t shipped yet I don’t know or understand. Why? The Apple site states the MacPro “Ships: Within 24 hours”. Strange. Fingers are crossed it’ll ship before the 15th. That’s all I can hope for… Grr.

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