Dead Tired in NY. Not Chicago and not Tokyo.

After the vast amounts of travel there was one way to describe how I felt physically: “wow, you were tired.” Emma pinned the tail on the donkey in an email to me with that statement.

I slept over 12 hours after having napped approximately 2 hours only a few hours earlier. I needed it.

Of course having slept another night I’m wide awake and ready to face the day. I am a little worried about my schedule for the next semester. I hope I can follow through with all my classes and work. I believe that I can… I guess it’s just nerves and fear coming through.

It’s 8:07AM. I’ve been up since 7. I’m ready for the day and wish that the new Ninjai episode would find it’s way to the net. (a few minutes pass) Oki-doke, time to face the day. Work, the gym or a show, and then back home. Should be an interesting day. Here goes.

01-25-2005 08:11 am

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