Deep Impact = Boom!

deep impactIn approximately 1 hour it will happen – Deep Impact. CNN has a brief on the situation.

“Six months after it blasted off, the Deep Impact spacecraft is poised to meet its cosmic fate — in a hyper-speed smashup with a comet. In about an hour, NASA scientists will steer a probe about the size of a washing machine directly into the path of a comet about half the size of Manhattan, and watch the two collide. Scientists hope the collision — and what comes out of it — will unlock the inner workings of comets.”

recently the word geek has been thrown around. Interestingly my name has been in these same sentences/thoughts. Yup, I’m one. = )

For whatever reason some people are afraid or unhappy with that descriptor. Eff that man. It’s a helluva term nowadays. Score one more for a shift in culture! Jocks (yes I’ve been described as a jock too) watch out, the geeks are on the move.

So in less than 1 hour we will have a device impanted into a comet! Cha-ching! Talking Deep Impact I’m talking about live coverage on NASA TV. Fortunately the press isn’t ignoring this event. We need to learn more about comets before we’re eliminated by one and the information we learn today is going to be phenomenal! How is it holding itself together? What minerals is it made of? Etc. etc!

Score! Images are coming in now (in RAW format) which means it’s round the last corner! Hot damn! Off to read/write? I go. Tick, tick, tick.

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