Displaced Energy

Lisa Simpson yellingSo, instead of getting a chance to write about the rest of the vacation I find myself writing about a confusing pain. For the past few nights I’ve felt the desire to… how to say, purge, my sustenance.

From simple to traditionally light meals my stomach is disagreeing my food choices. Why? If one bowl of cereal can cause this feeling… Am I missing something obvious?

Tonight I felt my stomach shift and soon after my temperature rose to a state where I felt my whole body heat up. This was after 4 or 5 oreo size cookies which proceeded 5 very fresh and tasty raviolis. Water was the dinner drink, and then a small jelly glass size of milk.

I think I need to cut out any additional anything for a while. This feeling experience is driving me a bit batty. My head feels like it’s swelling up and my chest feels compressed. But then soon after returning to a normal state.

Water + bread + ultra simple foods = my diet for the next (few days at least).

It’s just after 9:30 PM and I think I’m going to close my eyes. What the truck?!

I need to climb and/or do something aerobic in nature as well. Maybe that’s the problem… All this energy and nowhere to displace it. Argh. I’m at a loss.

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