Do Birds Feel Their Bellies Too?

With so many ups and downs I wonder. Do they? Blah. Skipping ahead… I want to write but my thoughts are in shambles.

bee flowerThis past weekend (Friday afternoon included) I worked with Edwin Sherin twice, found out I didn’t get a part in Lions, did not get to hear Oliver North speak, felt the pangs of WTF at random times (on Sunday), spent some much needed quality time with emma around 11o1 and while walking back from Hastings to her ‘rents place.

So many ups and downs in that brief listing of events.

I was really bummed about not getting a part in Lions. Instead I’ll be spending more time on class work. Shakespeare, Hamlet specifically, will give me a good ass kicking. And the film class is enough of a challenge to focus on. There is another job in the works… A flower job. It would be monumentally astonishing if that comes through. BT and Marty are hard at work on it now.

Ah. I haven’t been told I can’t say anything but since filming has wrapped up I can say this… Last Monday (the 11th) emma, BT, and I were in Meriden, CT filming a short scene for “Being Michael Madsen“. It was damn good fun. A random woman thought I, along with 3 other peeps, were lawyers because we were very much dressed up and standing outside the courthouse.

Per Madsen had this to say about the piece “I don’t even know what to call it. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s a very bizarre story about me being me, but in a fictional situation.”

emma was girlfriend #42, or 3 or 4, I don’t recall, for the lead paparazzi and experienced a pissed off woman not wanting to be photographed even though she walked into the space where the photo shoot was taking place. People are wild creatures.

I do wish I had landed a part in Lions but thems the way the bones break sometimes. I wouldn’t mind some floral work. = ) It’s not even 12 but I’m beat. I had to work the 1-9 shift tonight even thought class was from 130-330. Strange odd days. Sleep now.

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