Drama Drama Drama

Why must everything be drama? I just don’t get it!

Haha! Fortunately, everything isn’t about drama, but it sure seemed like it today. A meeting with the v ball team, after a very disappointing loss, lasted nearly a full hour. Mama-mia! There were many good things said I think that will gear us up for the next week. The last week of the season. If we win 4 games in a row, as we’ve done already this season, we’ll be walking home, er, driving home, with the first place trophy. I’m pulling for a fourth game! I think they can do it. It’ll all depend on how unified they are as a team. Time will tell.

Japan. Oy! My vacation schedule is now all up in the air all while Japan calls to me ñ “Kitte Gyari-san! Haiyaku!” Grumble grumble Nippon. I’ll know my plans soon… I hope. Grumble grumble. = D Yea lotsa phone calls though! Got something on hold until 11/11 at 11:59 PM. Will I book the $41.70 ticket? I should know within the next 24 hours! Here we go Kazi! Waitin on your email.

Heat packs are awesome. When a heat pack isn’t available, electric heat pads fill in AMAZINGLY! My head ache from my MANY phone calls to AA.com has begun to subside! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa heat!

Do I believe in ghosts? Well, I believe in a “Ghost in the Shell”. I believe “Norton Ghost” has shown itself to MANY techy people. But do I believe in ghosts? Well, no not particularly, but a ghost has shown itself. After many months of silence I’ve been contacted. For a multitude of reasons I have yet to reply but hope to in the next day or so. Hopefully I’ll have a moment. LOL, maybe another late night game ñ 1030pm arrival this eve after the game and the team meeting ñ might random )POOF( happen just like… HA… a ghost. Um, yea, that was bad. Blah, blah, blah, hope to have a few moments after work.

Newzenith.com and Flipmeover.com! Hellz yes! Both are IN HOT pursuit of MORE traffic! I’ve FULLY updated garyploski.com to mamboserver.com and incorporated phpbb2. The best part is that people are using it! Have a peek if you’re interested and fire out some election thoughts if you so desire a debate! Bwaahahah –> garyploski.com.

New Zenith is on a slightly different angle of attack. Instead of lil ol me doin all the work… A Board is now in it’s early stages of being created! That means I’ll get to work with a few people on the site! Email! Etc! Flash looks like the medium of choice. HoooHA!! What a great idea on Ed’s part. Ed… You rule! Here’s to New Zenith! HAZAAH! HAZAAH!

And now I will collapse onto my tempur with my heat pad and comics close at hand.

Last thought: A Belkin 550VA UPS has been ordered so the wee-server won’t disappear during brief power outages! Happy days! Fine-a-ree! Once it is installed I’ll post a story on the front page! ROCK!

10-29-2004 12:47 am

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