Falling Into Place

Two nights later I’m writing in the dark again. Though, this time I can actually post my thoughts right away thanks to the brilliant technology called 802.11g. Lalala. =D I’m so happy with this wee-silver-book of fun. Ahhh.

One of the most fantastic things I’ve been experiencing has been the “falls into place” experience. Everything is simply falling into place. The contract was wrong and differed from what I/we expected. Next day, speak with the appropriate parties, wait one day, all fixed. It’s like magic except the smoke and mirrors are kept in the wings because everything – you know what to say don’cha. =D

It’s 0100 and I’m typing in the dark. There is something to say about an event like this. If you know please pass along your thoughts. I’ve shifted into ahhh mode due to so many things – that’s right, one more time! Hehe. This trip WILL be fantastic. I almost can’t recall the last time I INTENTIONALLY went somewhere warm. It was either that long ago or my gray juices are that old. Can I get those flushed like my transmission fluid paw? Shucks.

Sleep does call to me. I think it’s time to listen. Oyasumi slave(s).

03-12-2005 01:05 am

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