fox_and_the_houndLast night while going through my ‘relax, relax, relax it’s time to go to sleep’ ritual I had a thought about the word – family.

It may have been because emma and I have been speaking about the future a tad lately and the thought stuck somehow. Within a few minutes I heard my idea fill the darkened bedroom. I hadn’t fallen asleep and succumbed to to sleep talking. No, no, no. My voice was silent but my brain juices flowed on.

The ritual was put on the side burner and I had enjoyed a short laugh chuckle within my skull. Family. Why had I thought – I have a family of my own now – emma, Cthulhu, and Magneto. They’re not able to communicate and I don’t feel for them in any way like any other family member but they are a part of the fam. Baffling.

Sure, sure it’s simple to most people that have had animals in their lives but for me they are the first two animals I helped raise. It’s been over 1.5 years that they’ve lived here with us. At night, they sleep by my side, leaning against a foot or a leg. It’s, well, it’s wonderful.

It will be a number of years before another human is a part of the 11o1 crew so I’m going to enjoy the family as it is. </sentimental>

On a different family related note – BT relayed some boom to the moon news about Remembering Hypatia earlier this eve. Omedeto tomodachi. Omdedeto! I can’t wait to see what the papers have to say in 24 hours. Hoo-ha! HFCIT!

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