Family Site Name Poll Results

From 01/19/09-02/01/09 the fam, on my mudda’s side, voted on a site name with the goal of bringing everyone closer together through the intertubes. I used a Google Form and emailed everyone a link to a static page on my site with the poll embedded. Everyone was asked to choose any/all of their favorites and to forward the poll to anyone in the fam. They were also offered a field to request features. It is now February 2nd 7:40 PM Eastern which means the poll is closed.

And the winner is…

3rd with 3 votes — Helen’s Bunch

2nd with 4 votes each — Gramster Fam, Helen’s Famila, and Helen’s Tribe

1st with 11 votes — Gram’s House

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Complete results:


Feature requests: (edited to note specific request)

  • Birthday reminders and birthday wishes.
  • Exciting news from whomever to let others know what is exciting in their lives.
  • Family Tree.
  • Family medical history.
  • Weather updates based on family location.
  • Emergency telephone numbers.
  • Links to some cool games.
  • It would be nice if there were a list of birthdays or, like on Facebook, a way in which you can write a birthday message.  It’s hard to keep track of everyone’s birthdays.
  • Photo albums and email messages when someone adds something new.
  • An area for recipes.

Thanks to everyone in the fam for voting and sending in your ideas!

I will now take these ideas and compare the sites I found that offer family-type features and weigh each against each other. I will send an update to everyone once I have that established. If anyone, in the fam or otherwise, is willing to be interested in being a beta tester please let me know.


Update 02/09/09: Added an image of the original survey page below.


Original Poll


  1. I could beta test if you let me know how to do that Gary.

    Karen S.

  2. Thanks Karen.

    I’ll contact you when I have additional details about the site.

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