Far From a Free Mind

Earlier this week I did something horribly out of character. It was Tuesday evening in fact. emma was worried about me and even had a sad/worried look on her face when I left for work Wednesday morning. I was in semi-chipper spirits even though I was still exhausted and sluggish.

salvador-dali-explosionWhen I arrived home Tuesday evening I was in, no, I wasn’t in a mood I was a mood. I felt pangs of frustration the likes of which I haven’t felt in ages. I fed the girls, checked my email and some sites with an eruption not far off. Feeling this I dropped myself on the bed. The girls soon found me and rested next to me. It felt nice and intrusive at the same time.

The next thing I knew it was 10 PM. I only knew this because emma was going to bed. I stumbled to brush my teeth and then collapsed on the bed. 6 AM rolled around after a 2 brief moments of alertness. The first was of my mind racing to answer questions that were not answerable. The second was of a couple in the distance… Insert your own imagination here.

Both interruptions were likely only 1-2 minutes but felt like hours in my mind. I just wanted to sleep. I didn’t need to be awake yet. I guess it felt like the morning, work, was further away than it actually was.

It’s not a happy place, lately, which saddens me. I truly enjoy working at SLC and want to contribute so much more than what I have thus far. emma’s thought is that I was escaping into sleep. It’s possible. I wouldn’t have thought about sleep in that way but I guess it’s the kind of thing that people do.

iron man issue-76Something completely off topic and fan boy fun fun fun is the Iron Man Comiquette! I received confirmation from the distributors on July 18th that it “will be arriving in (Sideshow’s) Los Angeles warehouse within approximately the next 20-25 days.” Sometime between tomorrow and next Wednesday I will know even more details. This is kickin news considering I ordered it back on March 21! Glee glee glee.

Now, all we need to do is put up the other pictures and wall stuff to display it. Insert simply joy. Ahhh.

In other geek news the Core 2 was announced today which means the iMac should might be upgraded during/after the WWDC. Time to hop on board! I am not a fan of the new laptops from Apple and will happily avoid them after my experience with Apple’s support with my 12″ PB but a centralized UBER powerful machine that can run both OS X and Windows XP. Yea, I’m for it. I’m rrrrready.

On a personal project note flipmeover.com will continue its creation this weekend. It’s a slow road since some of the involved writers are activly working on other projects – being michael madsen and remembering hypatia.

Enough with the sad sad me writing. Hopefully that’s out of the system. Yea team to fan boy fun. Oh yea! New comics waiting up in CT. )blissss(

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