Feb & Mar Pix in 04

WOW! This’ll teach me to wait a while to upload and add pix. I think I have a few days that didn’t fit into my FL visits waiting to be added. Most of those pix are artsy stuff though so pass on your opinion when I get those up there.

I hope everyone in the pix is happy to know you’re up on the net for everyone to see because there are some SERIOUSLY rediculous pix up there now. Honestly, there are a few pix that I’m particularly proud of. Take a look at the shot of Shan and me in front of the castle. I think we look cute and the light looks awesome. Love that tripod. Oki, have fun browsin.

OH, one last thing, I was MUCH more selective with the pix I uploaded so don’t worry about the massive duplicates or blurry pix. They’ve been kept to a minimum.

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