February 1998 – email8

Let’s talk fun stuff shall we…… COPS in Japan, Iaido. ALLLL GEWD!

From: Gary Plos                                        2/15/98 16:10
Subject: Iai
To: April Harvey

        I PASSED! I’m offically PRE-1st Dan. It’s kinda cool. I messed up at the beginning but made up for it enough i guess. I’m kinda cool now… Y? It was snowing this morning! Now… it’s stopped, but it’s kinda chilly. How about that. Snow again, here in Asaka, how about that. I’m pleased with myself, but I want to do better. I actually had a fairly good converstation with my sensei today. He speaks the most basic English available here in JPN. BUT that allowed us to have the conversation. It was pretty cool. It seems that older Japanese can actually say “r” “l” “th” and all the other fun sounds in English that are not in Japanese. It’s kinda weird. Kinda neat too. Well babe. You’ll be involved in a looooooong day.
        Right now I’m watching car chases that have happened in the states. It’s kinda like a COPS in Japanese. Some funnnnny stuff here. People can be Soooooooooo STUPID! IDIOTS! Stop the car and … ewww this is interesting. Some woman’s car won’t STOP. It just keep accelerating. She’s trying to get around a RIG(on her left) now and there is a guard rail to her right. In front of her….. a car stopped on the side of the road. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo move… just made it by … sqeeked by the rig. Yowzaas. wowww. she ended up crossing the highway via some sort or luck/unlucky turn. SHe went into the air and hit the back of a truck stopping. Her car was then hit by another car… but she was ok… iN TYPIcall american fashion they showed her playing a racing video game after the event…. *G* How about them american tv programs….
        With that… I’m out babe.. Have a crazy and 6 4 smile for me.. ciao cito babe. TOU!

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