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Life, 1 Second at a Time

What did you do today, last week, 5 years ago?

If you’re like most people life feels like a daily ride to and from work filled with normal daily tasks. After work you’ve got your daily/weekly routines as well, right?

Something that slips by are the precious, sorry, I just re-watched The Lord of the Rings ;-), moments that stay with us. It could be a favorite show that brings friends together or a mishap you’d rather forget but know you wont: I recently backed the car into the garage door as it opened, a meal out with a family member. The list of things go on and we experience them but quickly forget what happened because life bears down on us and the mundane things take over. What to do, what to do?

Solution: The One Second Everyday App

One Second EverydayI backed the Kickstarter project led by Cesar Kuriyama and began recording a video each day. The app was released a couple days ago and I couldn’t be happier for Cesar and the dev team. Congrats’s!

But what happens if you forgot to record a video, add a photo. No photo, put in some text.

Change your life today. =D

Grab the One Second Everyday app for your iPhone or Android (soon) phone for 99¢.

What Did This App Do To Me?

Since I began I’ve found out a few things:

  1. I have a hard time not being in the moment. Instead of thinking that I should take a pic/record a video I relish what is happening. This is a good problem to have though I’m trying to find a way to capture the moment while staying in it.
  2. In general it’s really easy to do especially with the app because of the reminder feature.
  3. It’s fun to talk about the idea of recording a moment of life. Friends and family become immediately interested in the idea and want to talk about what it could turn into.
  4. The more I record/snap moments the more I realize how many interesting things are happening. If it’s not an interesting day, so what. Not every day is made of ‘Wow!’ moments.
  5. I’m looking at life with a great deal of wonder.

After downloading the app I created my first one second everyday video and uploaded it to YouTube and Facebook. Immediately I was reminded of another awesome experience…

Reminiscing is über fun!

I think I’ve watched my video about 10 times. All the experiences around each of the moments presented jump out like I’m reading a pop-out book. =D

Cesar’s Original Video

Here is what Cesar wrote about his video:

I am recording 1 second everyday for the rest of my life… this is me at age 30.

I spent a couple of years saving enough money to be able to take a frugal year off from work my entire 30th year of life… I spent it doing all the important things I never had enough time for… travel, my own creative projects, & family.

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  1. Gary, thanks for pointing to this app! I think it`s a great concept that provides a fun way to develop for yourself a personal ritual of awareness, and share those precious moments of nothingness… –
    “…downloading…” 😉

    Best wishes

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