FL – pronounced (eat eat eat)

I’ve eaten so much food. Not just food though. Not that kind that you walk into the kitchen, prepare and eat – restaurant food. So much food. I’m thinking of King Theoden when he says “So much death…” for all those in be tween the liners out there. = )

Let’s see, I’ve experienced the taste that is Cold Stone Ice Cream – it’s tastey stuff. The Peanut Butter stuff was WOW FLAVORED. Lemme tell ya! HAMINNA! Sadly though, the branch in Jupitor wasn’t a good example of how the parlor is meant to be. The kids were slow and far from excited to be there. Energy wasn’t a part of the daily diet from what this bag of flesh saw. No No No Noooo.

Keith (Shan’s dad) has been very kind since I arrived. I do feel a little awkward eating out with them all the time because I feel a bit like I’m mooching. = I’m thinking something, anything, to show my appreciation might be a good idea. The question is… what? That’s another thought I’ll have to think about. Hmm…

I have gotten my fix of PCing! = ) This AM I set up Krissy’s laptop – a new Gateway. Ahhhh. It felt good to get back into the install of things. Techies unite! Hmm, unite… unite… united! That’ll be on my desk when I get back to NY. Heh. X2: United. Heh heh heh.

Last night I met Shan’s boss, a neat dude with IBM AS400 experience now running a ice cream parlor. He loves it. 20 years in the busines world wrecked his happiness from what he told me. Not in those words of course. But he did say, and agree with me, that the busines world just SUCKS the life from you and he found that OUT was what he needed. Now… he’s Freeeeeeeeee!

One other interesting note — I saw the Harvey’s today! Shan and I drove a short clip (in FL) to their place near Boca. We thought the drive would be about 30 min. This changed to 45 min. The actual time was more like 60 min. Like I said, a short clip (in FL). Sue and Ryan (her b/f) showed up as well. Ray and Elissa were just as welcoming as they were when I last entered their front doors… in CT… 6 years ago. Amazing that this much time has passed. We shared stories about how it is to live in FL and how the people of FL are very rarily truly Floridians. Ryan happens to be one of the three (3) according to Ray. After a good 3+ hours we took our return mini jaunt back. Totally a cool visit. Totally glad we went. Rock!

I just awoke from a 2+ hour nap with Shan after a completely UNEVENTFUL morning. Uneventful in the sense that we didn’t do anything that should have kicked our asses as it did. Krissy was dropped off at the airport after breakfast and a short visit to one of the beaches in West Palm.

Not sure what’s on the agenda for the eve, but I do know it has been relaxing so far. = ) Alright weebles, go stumble around some more. chichichi-a

11-30-2003 04:56 pm

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