Flurries in the Summer

The flurries weren’t outside. No. It wasn’t snowing in NY in June. Instead the flurries were all around the activities of 11o1. emma and I went to The Rock Club twice. Patronized two estate and one garage sale – success was had in the way of two mirrors and one lamp w/shade. Paper. Holy excess the paper. I have a massive bag of recyclable paper waiting to be dropped into a bin. Staples took a computer and a printer off our hands – recycled. And thanks to FreeCycle a couch that has been the stockpile landfill for all things deemed ‘look at it later’ we’ve found a couple people that will cart it away.

All this in three days. Sure, there was more that took place. We even relaxed and watched the most recent Dr. Who. All I can say are two words: Bad Wolf. Oh yea! Can’t wait for the 2 parter next Saturday. If only the Dr. Who seasons were longer than 13 episodes. Bah and Squee!

Now though, it’s time to brave the weather – thunderstorms are the new black lately. Fwoosh!

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  1. Thank you for this good post. I really love this tv series. Can’t wait for the another episode ! Keep up the good work with this 🙂

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