Focus Focus Focus PII

So after a few days a long phone call… I think I can happily say I can see the train tracks now. AND I can see that they are not mangled. In fact they look pretty decent. There are some dents, twists, and chips but happily they’re not ripped and broken. = ) That is a comforting thought indeed.

The other night I was reflecting on about a weeks worth of pent up confusion and frustration. Today I can write about a few days worth of relief and ease. Nothing is spelled out for me and where my future may go, but at least I feel like it’s not in total disarray. Again, a comforting thought indeed.

To those of you who have been concerned about me – thank you for your thoughts and calls (rille). Emma, you’ve been so understanding and available, thank you. I only hope I can help you as you’ve helped me. Avenga, as always, it’s the little things that add up, thank you. None, things feel much better. I’m so very glad we talked. Mudda, plain and simply you rock as you have always rocked. = )

Okay… now that I’ve taken about 20+ minutes to finish this I’m going to post it before I lose all that I’ve posted. If I have offended please forgive me as it was not my intention to offend but rather to show my appreciation to all of you (noting those above and those not noted above). Thanks all.

02-02-2004 11:56 am

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