Focusing on the Now

For some time now things in my head have been ready to burst out. Things have been shaky on certain ground lately and because of that I have not been able to focus as I’d prefer.

Recently I made the decision to scale back my theater involvement for a greater importance. Nothing is more important than the first few months of my marriage to emma. We have been living together for close to one year now and have known each other for more than three years but the game is different now. This is our time to create anew our relationship with complete confidence that we truly want to be together.

Those pangs and doubts felt during a relationship are now erased.

I hadn’t thought much on the topic of doubt. Yup. )smile( I am so utterly sure of the decision(s) made with emma that I haven’t been doubting anything about us. Ahhh, a warm happy feeling does flow over and through me. No more doubts. No more.

Where was I… Ah yes, theater. One reading, completed last night, and one large show set for April 27-29 show times, and possibly one grad piece will fill my 15 weeks of school. That’s it. No more, no less. Sometime in the next week to ten days we will know if we’re going to get tickets to the World Cup in Germany (England Vs. Paraguay, Japan Vs. Australia, and Italy Vs. U.S.A).

The drawing is slated for 1/31 and we should know by 2/2 if we’re in. There is no reason that we can see that would keep us from getting tickets but we are not counting it as locked and loaded just yet. Also, emma has a great opportunity that she will meet head on tomorrow (Wed.) at about 2:30 PM. Both of us have HUGE hopes that it goes the way of yea. Tis the year of yea… =) That sure is how things have been leading up to I dare say.

BT is less than 20 books away from 500. School/Work is going wonderfully. Things have been great here at 11o1. The wedding (day) was amazing. Now… If two more things fall into place. Argh! The anticipation is so frustrating sometimes.

Fortunately there is another positive. I received my copy of The Soldier’s Tale and have copied it to send up to me mudda. The quality was surprisingly good. With two camera angles and good equipment this will be a piece to add to my reel. Sk-ore!

The unstable ground mentioned at the top is the biggest weight on my mind. A plan is in motion to confront the situation head on with bluntness. Neither emma or I wish for this silence to carry on much longer. By the end of this week we will have set in motion our plans. Will they work… Zeus I hope so.

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