Fog Warning The Movie

Fog Warning LogoI just returned from the weekend. Where’d I go? The kitchen and New Canaan to shoot a scene for a movie called “Fog Warning.” It is a “suspense/horror about three men who capture what may be a living vampire.” Written and directed by Christopher Ward.

As much as I want to say that is the kitchen’s description it is, in fact, the movie’s description. I know, it would have been so much hipper had the kitchen been about a vampire. Alak, alak, alak. Yes, yes, yes. I look forward to that post too. Ohhhh, giddy.

The evening shoot start was delayed but the wrap was much earlier than anticipated. This, in my supremely humble opinion, chalks up as all good.

The scene, a quick in-and-out scene for me, takes place at a gas station just over 2/3’s of the way through the script. What that means for the film… No clue. It wraps on the 27th so news on a release date should be in my Inbox by, I think maybe, January. Talk about a guess with no merit at all. Hoo-rah!

Village TileThe kitchen (shudder) is… done. Well, it’s as done as it can be for anyone other than the contractors. Emptied, spackled, sanded, painted, cleaned… It’s all done. Next up, Traemand on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are owned by Village Tile of Mamaroneck (sound it out Jacek).

I’ll write up a tid bit on the full experience once everything is completed.

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