Four Years Later – Hello Again, Internet

It’s been a long time. Too long, since I put my thoughts into the ether of the intertubes, and freed up some blockers that found their way into my mind, body, and spirit.

Gratitude for a Few Things

A podcast about finding the good in life inspired me recently, so I’ll start this new blogging world with a simple approach.


Despite turning 46 in July, I continue to put this bag of flesh through its courses. Whether that’s on the turf, a wall, or a mountain, the knocks, rips, sprains, burns, etc. heal over making it possible to go on another adventure.


Emotional, physical, financial, relationships… My life is filled with people and things that enhance, support, and challenge me in ways to be a better version of who I am and want to be.

Acceptance of Fallibility

Yup. I’m human, and I’m going to make mistakes. While I’m trying to do my best, the world and my internal programming might not get along sometimes. And that, we’ll, it’s more than okay – it’s expected. With that acceptance, I’ll try to do better when I slip, and be as open as I can be about learning and doing better.

Wrapping Up

And there we are, a blorg porst! My first, in yearssss. Yoinks. 🤣

Special thanks to This American Life’s podcast The Show of Delights for their inspiring episode that got me to reconsider how I could change the game in 2021. I highly recommend it!

show of delights
The Show of Delights

Also, just recently, the images on this site simply stopped loading. The cause was the .htaccess as file, and the WordPress forums helped to save the day. All of that time working on my site. Helped me to remember, this is fun. 🥳

Hello again, interwebs! It feels good to be back. 🤓😆

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