Funny Haha Not Funny Hehe

This past week truly started at the bottom of the barrel. I felt like there wasn’t much I could do to A – move my body B – feel good in anyway C – etc.

That changed… on Tuesday. Yup, yup, yup. Ding, one day later I felt better. Then on Wednesday it was better. And Thursday. And Friday. It hasn’t been a climb of Mt. Happy Happy Joy Joy but it has been better. So much better.

I am absolutely confident that talking to emma and then posting my thoughts helped me to purge the weight that was holding me down. And people say blogs are useless. =p

Holy Cross High School alumnae stopped by and even said Alo via my contact page. Jimmy O and Dave F (Howdy fellers) wrote quick little blurbs. I haven’t heard back from Jimmy and Dave’s email bounced. Grah. Dave, send me your correct email.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to perform in my Acting for Film class a scene a combined scene from Office Space. It was a tremendous stupendous amount of fun. I was completely taken aback when I was asked by a few people if I’d auditioned for the SLC comedy troop and was recommended, by one of the funniest male actors I’ve seen on campus, to audition for the troop next year.

I don’t see myself as a funny actor. I enjoy funny scenes that are funny or aren’t funny but are, in twisted/icky ways, but plain ol funny.. Insert question marks here. I do enjoy physical humor. Chekhov’s ‘Marriage Proposal’ was bunches of fun. Silly over the top humor with utter seriousness built in. Gotta say, that’s fun. To me, that is where comedy plays best.

I don’t know where I’ll go from here with it but I sure’s gots’ta admit it was a blast bothering someone about their flare. Hehehe. I’m counting and I only count 15 pieces. Wha’oh. = D

The fun!

Whoa. It’s tomorrow. Just as I was about to wrote, tomorrow will be (thought cont’d here) Yet alas that thought is gone.

Right. Today will be odd. emma has a tri-match. I have Claudius lines to work on from Hamlet. Lawyer speak, must work on lawyer speak. And… uh… yea. I think that’s about all.

WHOA! Very much did not make not of the official launch of the new version of Academic Computing’s website. It’s been in process for a couple months and with the combined effort of Emily, Eli, Michele, Shar’Ron, and I the site was created. With a few clickity clickities it went live the other day. Lalala. Smiles all around. Take a peek. Squee!

Another site just wen live too… Club Saga. This is emma’s pet for Animal Welfare Trust. It went live F’r’dee morning. Lotsa’more’a squee.

I think. It’s time. To pass out. Passing out. Engage!.

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