Funny lil Thing

A funny lil thing happened to me the other day. In CT I saw a license plate and chuckled because it was: XYZ XYZ. Later that day in NY while I was driving home I chucked again and had my thought laid out for me because it was just as silly as the CT license plate. The NY plate read: GOOD GOD. If that isn’t the way things have been recently then I’m not paying enough attention.

Peace is found within, as many teachings go… Sometimes though, it’s through external sources that we find ease or, as we’re all typically looking for, peace and understanding. Of course nothing comes to us like Milk was once delivered but through time… Well, things have the opportunity to change.

The trouble is the pain. Without pain there is no peace. We’ve been experimenting with that for years, er, decades, er… We’ve been trying to figure this pain thing out for sometime now. Maybe by the time our relatives are walking on Mars with a Popsicle in their hand we’ll have figured it out. Until then we’ll have to suffer in our own mess and glory. Do we all have a mess of mistakes behind us and a clambering of glory filled days? Yes? Okay, all in the clear then.

I feel calm. I feel strangely at ease. I feel… neat. How this happened I’m not quite sure. But I do know I’m not going to question it. La la la! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This past weekend may have helped. Hangin with BT, Emma, Avenga, Mudda, Dream Theater, a soccer ball, etc. = O It felt so WILDLY wonderful to play again. Granted it was only entry level soccer but at least I got to hop into the goal and snag some shots. I desperately want to play again. Fortunately volleyball will start up soon. It’s fun and UPLIFTING! Hahaha! The jumpers come out to play!

Though, I can’t help but think about someone slamming a soccer ball at full speed right at me, or near me, or on the ground, etc. The feeling of propelling my body through the air, or against the ground with every ounce of me trying to deflect, save, or (sniff) miss the ball. The fun it would be. Garsh Dang It!

My connection is acting up tonight so maybe I’ll/the Internet will be back up by alarm time. Faithful Z-Landers… UNITE!

08-25-2004 12:56 am

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