G! D! P and Z Indeed!

Back on 11/12/1997 I made my first payment of $200.00 for my college loans. On Wednesday, 11/30/2004 I made the last of my student loan payments. Today, 12/02/2004, the balance found its way to a place it’d never been before – in the negative (-0.14 to be exact).

I did it! I did it! I did it!

In just over seven years, which is a little more than a year longer than I’d planned, I did it. Gone! Done! Poof’d and Zap’d indeed! Heheheheh. Zee-row – Heh, what a great number.

It’s finally sinking in… rei, zero, zilch, nothin’. = O Heheh.

I think I’m going to sit on me tempur, read some Sam Keith, and relish in the fact that I’m 100% in the . What a great place to be. Ahhh. If there was a weight on me it, along with nearly every other weight has been lifted. Financially I have NEVER been in a better position than I am at this moment. LOL – I’m far from wealthy but it feels GREAT to have ZERO debt. WOW man. None but my monthly bills. I don’t owe you or you or YOU!

I think I do owe myself a little time of peace and gl33 so it’s off to the tempur I go.

Which reminds me of something someone said to me on Sunday. Tom, Avenga’s friend said, “You really do treat yourself.” He’s right. Nobody else is going. )Inner smile along with a happy sigh(


Hmm. I’m so glad I bought my Canon PowerShot S45 so many months ago. Digital video at the touch of a button. It’s the WAY to go. Who’da thought it could provide such immediate gratification. All that’s needed in a little light from the corner of the room and a steady hand to capture images that’ll last a lifetime. Well, until the 0’s and 1’s go burp and find their way into the bucket next to the horse. Stupid 0’s and 1’s. 01100111011100100111010101101101011000100110110001100101

I’ll save you the effort of finding a site to translate that: http://nickciske.com/tools/binary.php

Now git.

12-03-2004 12:21 am

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