Gamers at QU

On August 8th from 8am to 8pm with a cast and crew of 8… Wait, that’s kinda sort of blatantly wrong.

On August 8th, from 8am until 4pm a cast of 6 and crew of 44, the Connecticut Film Training Industry Program shot a an original film.

Today, that film makes its debut in two places at once. The legislators of CT will view the film in Hartford, CT at 11am. The rest of the world can see it here!

If you were a part of the shoot please share your pictures in this Flickr Group:

If you haven’t already… Click play now! Don’t forget to rate and post a comment. To watch in high quality click here then click ‘watch in high quality’ below the Views: count. If you use Digg, click here to Digg it.


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