Garden State

gardenstateGarden State
Andrew Largeman has a problem. His life adds up to something… He just doesn’t know what yet. Zach Braff introduces his creativity to Andrew’s world, quite likely parallel to his own in many aspects, in a peppy and comedic way.

Braff’s script felt very real to me. His dialog was witty and natural. It felt, at times, like I was watching a reality tv show. Andrew (Braff) meets Sam (Portman) serendipitously while at the doctorís office.

A quote from ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ fits with the movieís sentiment of home “Sometimes, I think the things I remember are more real than the things I see” For anyone that relates to this quoteÖ You will connect to with this film.

Braff manages the camera quite well and managed to instill in me a multitude of feelings through camera placement and color choices. I look forward to his next film. Regarding the acting, as I mentioned before, I felt as though I was watching a reality tv show at times. There were a few moments that I could have been axed during the editing process but someone made a choice for a reason… I’ll leave that in Braff’s hands.

I saw this film at matinee price. Would I pay full price – yes. If you’re a fan of “Lost in Translation” you’ll enjoy this flic. They both deal with similar feelings. One takes us away from everything we know. The other brings us back home and gives us a chance to see how we’ve changed.

8 of 10

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  1. I also enjoyed this film tremendously. It also featured the very best performance by Natalie Portman I’ve seen, and a wonderful “message” that was neither heavy-handed nor trite. Very, very good.

    Brian’s Rating: B+

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