Getting Physical

physical painMy stomach… It hurts.
My glutes… They hurt.
My back… Hurts much, much!… Less.


What’s going on? I’m working out again. Oh, oh, oh! And. Annnnnd. In new ways. This past week I ran twice – for about 15-20 minutes. I’ve been to the gym 3 times each week. Quyen and I volleyed for a bit late last week for a solid 20 minutes. Instead of simply passing and setting to warm up I sorta went to town.

“Get low.” Kristy and Ali can be heard saying that in practice. I didn’t need their, how to say, suggestion push coaching voices! Oh no. I was almost sitting on the ground with each pass and moved my feet like I was practicing for the non-tap dance dance-off-a-thon scheduled for Smarch 42nd! I was in the zone.

The next day or two few days I FELT IT. Whooooo! It was abso-splend-er-ific!

Since then I ran and have been to a class that drains sweat out of the body almost as well as a sauna. This aint no joke sista. Ed Sherin’s class, a class with the longest name in recorded history, ‘An Intuitive and Impulsive Exploration of Text: A Useful Tool for Actors and Directors’ is an experience a wild ride. Yesterday I was glossed over in sweat. Arms. Legs. Chest. Whoooooo-rah!

What’s the big? I found emotions I only knew were in the scene… I’d never felt them. That was then, now though, cha’ching. Getting out of the head coupled with pulling a Nike (aka just doing it) = love of acting.

Right. So. My body is sore and I’m getting back in touch with the emotion thing. The emotion thing. I think I’m ready for next Wednesday’s general audition at 6:42 – Yes I chose that time over the other 630-700 blocks.

The kittens have been fed, I’ve jotted out some thoughts, I’ve checked the finances, and I even read some rumors — ewwwww and It’s not even 7. Hmm, I wonder if there is a matinee to check out during emma’s all day volley balling. Hmm.

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